It just keeps showing up in the news. Ransomware seems to never end. If you haven’t heard, ransomware is a particularly nasty virus that freezes access to your data and then demands a ransom, usually in bitcoin. The worst thing about it is that once you are hit, there is almost nothing you can do. There are only 2 options: don’t pay the ransom and lose your data, or pay it. There is no “downloadable” fix. You are stuck. With ransomware, the ONLY cure is prevention.

This week alone several new attacks have occurred. The Russian hacker group REvil has demanded $70 million in Bitcoin for a decryptor tool following its attach on the software vendor Kaseya. This attack follows their assault on JBS Foods, one of the worlds largest food companies, and a further attempt on worldwide supply chains. This attack forced JBS to shut down plants in North America and Australia.

The Kaseya attack was especially wide ranging as it did not just effect the vendor, but it hit their customers too. In Sweden, the grocery retailer Coop was forced to close at least 800 stores on July 3, 2021. A Swedish railway and pharmacy chain was also affected by this attack. Kaseya provides services to more than 40,000 organizations, the victims are only now realizing they have been hacked.

In the case of ransomware you need to be constantly updating your data and securing it in isolation from your network. Even then, if your backup system overrides your older data each time it backs up, you can actually save the virus if it has infected your system at the time of the backup. To make sure you are as protected as you can be, we strongly recommend you contact a technical security expert to consult on the best way to protect against ransomware and other security hacks.

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