Duvall Catering & Events Uses Technology to Enhance
Customer Relationships

Duvall Catering and Events was encumbered with a poorly scalable, unresponsive IT infrastructure with limited remote connectivity. They needed to find the right IT partner.

Case Study


Duvall Catering & Events is Charleston’s premier full-service catering company with a world class culture that exuded at all points – except its IT infrastructure.

IT Solution

The Solution – The Right IT Partner

Collaborating on a plan

When Responza came in to analyze Duvall Events’ IT needs, CFO Rob Hodges already had multiple ideas for IT process improvement that aligned with Responza’s expertise and creativity. A plan to stage out some significant improvements took shape:

  • Upgrade hardware
  • Overhaul IT from in-premise to a web-based model
  • Implement managed IT HelpDesk
  • Transition document management to Sharepoint
  • Move from QuickBooks Desktop to Intacct
  • Upgrade Server-Based CRM to its elevated Cloud-Based Version

Drivers for change

Several reasons drove Rob’s decisions for change in their IT infrastructure and the service providers they engaged to implement and manage it. Rob’s realized Duvall need to:

  • Invest in platforms that are aligned to company goals and objectives, rather than ones to keep the lights on.
  • Redirect budgetary funds to higher ROI investments
  • Mitigate any risk of loss while ensuring data integrity.
  • Provide better visibility with KPIs and dashboards


50% reduction in managed IT services costs (which Duvall redirected to leading online systems) and avoiding hardware expenses of a server-based CRM.

Download this case study here.


Why Responza?

“It’s amazing when two companies align in ways they do business and that is exactly the case with Responza and Duvall Catering & Events. Best in class isn’t a buzz phrase for our two companies, it is every day’s challenge and every person’s responsibility. On every level, we can identify value in our relationship with Responza. “

Vast improvement in services from previous: Responza’s technical team answers the phone, covers the issues and diagnoses accurately, and fixes the problems immediately and thoroughly.

Relationship-based approach: Local resources put customers in their comfort zone, provide confidence through expertise and ensure fair prices.

Knowledgeable and experienced: Experts participate in productive collaboration, engage with business so that understanding precedes recommending, navigate landmines not obvious to laymen, look out for your bottom line.

Rob Hodges, Duvall Catering & Events


Who is Responza?

It’s simple. Responza is the right IT partner for small and medium sized businesses.

Obsessive About IT Operations

Steeped in Business & IT Experience & Knowledge

Fanatical About Service Excellence & Customer Satisfaction

Well-Established & Rooted in the Business Community

Benefits of partnership

Benefits of finding the right IT partner

Value in results

Responza applied Duvall Events’ best in class mindset to the upgrades to its IT infrastructure and upon completion, the changes brought a more responsive system with better connectivity, they have utilized import/export features and can focus more on valued added reporting instead of entry. The overall footprint of the new IT infrastructure is more scalable.

Rob Hodges: Upon completion, our changes brought a more responsive system with better connectivity. We have utilized import/export features and can focus more on value added reporting instead of data entry.

Transparency in reports

Responza welcomes monitoring by customers. In fact, reporting is designed to be as transparent as possible so that customers like Duvall Catering & Events can see where time is consumed and why issues are elevated or are not.

Rob Hodges: Responza provided us with much appreciated transparency in our IT service provider relationship. We know every activity, every touchpoint and every result.

Invested in customer success

Rob Hodges: Because of the improvements Responza helped us make, we are able to be more forward thinking and forward-acting instead of maintaining our day-to-day. We can be much more about our customers than about our IT infrastructure.


What People Are Saying

“The relationship that McCay Kiddy has built with Responza has helped our firm become better at getting the most from the technology they have and understanding technology that can add value and help them meet their goals.”

Natalie Yutzy, McCay Kiddy

Working with Responza was, quite honestly, a relief. We had so many IT service providers come in and price out huge plans with huge price tags that just didn’t fit what we needed to become current or stage out our future.

Michael Graham, ADC Engineering


Because of the improvements Responza helped us make, we are able to be more forward thinking and forward-acting instead of maintaining our day-to-day. We can be much more about our customers than about our IT infrastructure.

Rob Hodges, Duvall Catering and Events 

I appreciated the help very much. My technician was friendly and solved the problem quickly and effectively.”Mick M.

Thank you very much. This was my first time working from home and it is a relief to know that I can get help.

Dora H.

Jesse was really fantastic to work with and anticipated everything I would need.Poppy M.President





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