ADC Engineering approaches its IT Future with Confidence

ADC Engineering needed an IT roadmap to create a stable environment that fit its needs and budget.

Case Study


ADC Engineering is a full service firm producing results based on the highest quality work and professional principles for its clients’ structural engineering, roofing/waterproofing consulting, civil engineering, and land planning and landscape architectural needs.

IT Roadmap

The Solution – An IT Roadmap

ADC Engineering’s IT Needs

  • Fire up new server
  • Shut down old server
  • Manage changeover of service providers
  • Maintain workflow

Michael Graham, ADC: Responza handled each of these areas with expertise, hands-on knowledge, professionalism, and positivity. All changes, including server and file migrations and shutdowns went off without a glitch.

Responza’s Plan Additions:

  • Improve the virtual environment
  • Implement Microsoft 365
  • Consolidate and improve data storage

Michael Graham, ADC: Responza’s plan made sense from each perspective and that  us great trust and a high confidence level in going forward with them for all upgrades, changes and software licensing.

Others Lack What Responza Has:

  • Deep technology expertise
  • Open and accurate communications
  • Hands-on business experience
  • Local firm with local resources – including local engineer
  • Record of delivering as promised
  • Post-project communication and support
  • Proven client satisfaction.

Michael Graham, ADC: I never imagined we would find an IT service provider of Responza’s caliber and culture, and now I can’t imagine not having the comfort zone that they’ve been able to provide for us.

Download this case study here.


Why Responza?

“Our common focus on quality and professionalism makes our partnership a good one.

Technology continuously changes and so does our company. For that reason it is important that Responza’s experts get to know us well so they can help us to get the most from technology now and as we grow into our future.

They also have many qualities that other IT service providers lack.”

Michael Graham, ADC Engineering


Who is Responza?

It’s simple. Responza is the IT partner small and medium sized businesses should leverage to perform with excellence and thrive among their competitors.

Obsessive About IT Operations

Steeped in Business & IT Experience & Knowledge

Fanatical About Service Excellence & Customer Satisfaction

Well-Established & Rooted in the Business Community

We fix more than IT

Responza does much more for customers than fix IT

Responza’s plan took Graham’s ideas to the  next level.

Graham: When Responza arrived to help us, we had some ideas about our needs, but Responza helped us figure out an IT roadmap to create a stable IT environment. I wasn’t prepared for the experience we were about to have.

Responza’s approach created comfort zone for Graham.

Graham: Working with Responza was, quite honestly, a relief. We had so many IT service providers come in and price out huge plans with huge price tags that just didn’t fit what we needed to become current or stage out our future.

ADC’s new IT roadmap became reality.

Graham: As we staged out our IT upgrades and changes, I realized that we had produced quite a wish list. Responza made everything on that list happen on time and on budget.

Responza’s knowledge and experience give ADC Engineering confidence in their technology.

Graham: It’s a great feeling to have confidence in people who are making important changes that will help your company operate efficiently for now and as the future unfolds.

The other choices didn’t measure up to Responza’s standards of excellence.

Graham: There are many, many choices in our area now and they try to pitch us all the time. But I’m happy with my choice. Responza helps me to sleep at night because I know that we’re in the capable hands of a service provider that is invested in our success.


What People Are Saying

“The relationship that McCay Kiddy has built with Responza has helped our firm become better at getting the most from the technology they have and understanding technology that can add value and help them meet their goals.”

Natalie Yutzy, McCay Kiddy

Working with Responza was, quite honestly, a relief. We had so many IT service providers come in and price out huge plans with huge price tags that just didn’t fit what we needed to become current or stage out our future.

Michael Graham, ADC Engineering


Because of the improvements Responza helped us make, we are able to be more forward thinking and forward-acting instead of maintaining our day-to-day. We can be much more about our customers than about our IT infrastructure.

Rob Hodges, Duvall Catering and Events 

I appreciated the help very much. My technician was friendly and solved the problem quickly and effectively.”Mick M.

Thank you very much. This was my first time working from home and it is a relief to know that I can get help.

Dora H.

Jesse was really fantastic to work with and anticipated everything I would need.Poppy M.President





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