We recently asked our customers what they valued most in an IT MSP. Here’s what they said. How do your IT needs compare with this list?

We asked our customers, here are their answers:

  1. Responsive support personnel – Efficiency and availability to work around users’ schedules.
  2. Productivity enhancing technology – Deliver amazing technology to maintain productivity.  
  3. Standardization and device management – Provide consistency across all employees and their applications to streamline training and on-boarding time.
  4. How to do Microsoft 365 better – Everyone has it, but are they taking full advantage of all its features?
  5. Azure Cloud Services – On-demand scalability and resiliency via Cloud infrastructure.
  6. Cybersecurity – Protection from data theft and ransomware not just within the network but on remote devices accessing it.
  7. Remote working and mobility – Provide a safe and secure work from home, office, or hybrid environment.
  8. Upgrades – Hardware and software refreshment after a year of shutdown.
  9. Affordability – A service which increases ROI and reduces TOC.
  10. Stability in the workplace – minimal interruptions from issues or maintenance.

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