Executive Summary:

Annual potential cost savings and cash flow management

Finding an IT managed service provider such as Responza to guide you through the myriad of Microsoft 365 products is an important step in increasing remote worker efficiency and cost savings – the ROI is real.

Cost savings categories where Responza can help:

  • Vendor License Cost Consolidation
    • Consolidate to a single platform v/s buying standalone for different capabilities
  • IT Admin & Deployment Savings
    • Manage IT better across hardware & software thus enabling IT to transition to higher-value activities.
  • Savings on Automation and Process Improvements (AI)
    • Transform business processes & save using workflows, dashboards, AI while increasing employee productivity
  • Reduced Total Cost of Risk
    • Reduce breaches and enhance privacy/remediation by better Security. Reduce risk through Compliance
  • Physical and T&E Cost Displacement
    • Reduce hard costs eg: real estate, utilities, travel & entertainment through secure remote work 
  • Capex to Opex Cash Flow
    • Optimize Cash Flow Management by changing upfront license payments to Operating Expenses

Below is an estimated Return on Investment (ROI) with Microsoft Business Basic.[1] As you can see, this plan benefits small- and medium-sized businesses as much as it does Enterprise. Microsoft provides nearly the same ROI percentages to SMBs the as they do the “big guys” on the block.

Return on Investment Table

Number of full-time employeesPayback periodRisk adjusted net present value (NVP) per userNPV for all usersRisk-adjusted ROITotal 3-year benefit
106 months$7.3k$73k362%$111k
256 months$7.28k$182k363%$278k
506 months$7.3k$365k357%$558k
1006 months$7.29K$729k363%$1.12M
2506 months$7.29K$1.82M362%$2.79M
5006 months$7.29K$3.65M363%$5.58M

Calculate the ROI for your specific industry (Click here)*

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Business trends in the post-COVID-19 world

As we transition into the post-COVID-19 business world, there are economic trends Responza realizes businesses need to be keenly aware of.

First unemployment is still with us and a recession is possible. Second, GDP growth forecasts are slashed versus previous estimates and many industries are on the decline. These issues have caused businesses to cut out non-essential business expenses such as travel and introduce cost saving and health safety measures such as remote work.

In doing this, businesses discovered that remote work delivers new methods of workforce efficiency when guided by an IT Managed Service Provider (MSP) and using Microsoft Office 365.

Remote Work with Microsoft 365 Cost Savings and a Managed Service Provider

One of the major advantages of working with Responza as your IT managed service provider (MSP) is license cost consolidation for remote work.

According to a Forrester Consulting Study, “Organizations save on license costs, infrastructure purchases, and deployment complexity by standardizing on the Microsoft platform and replacing third-party tools.”[1]

Consolidating to a single vendor such as Responza and Microsoft can cost much less than choosing different vendors for multiple capabilities. Microsoft 365 includes many of the capabilities for which you are currently paying other vendors – all fully integrated into Office 365.

Full integration enables you to:

  • Increase salesforce ROI
  • Do more with fewer resources
  • Increase your competitiveness
  • Improve customer and partner relationships
  • Better decision making

Reduce total cost of risk – Security Solutions

Turning to a Forrester study once again, they report that “Microsoft 365’s holistic security features reduce the risk of a breach by 40%. Microsoft’s native security solutions integrate easily and simplify deployment and management, ensuring that data and users are protected from wherever they choose to work”[2]

The security solutions within Microsoft 365 greatly reduce the number of successful end user security attacks. Attacks that are successful are usually found faster when the impact is less severe. That means easier remediation.

Responza vets, verifies, and validates our hardware vendors to provide secure computing architectures for our customers. With the implementation of best practice standards so that our customers are assured the ability to work securely from anywhere.

Travel and Expense (T&E) Cost Displacement – Travel

Forrester to the rescue once more! “End users also use Microsoft Teams to easily connect with colleagues and share information, and online meetings are easy to schedule, reduce travel, and are more effective with tools like screen sharing.”[3]

As the business world adjusted to the new normal in 2020, it discovered the once dreaded Teams meeting to be a cost saving and convenient way to hold productive meetings. Not only does it save money for your business, it saves time also. A business meeting with participants across the country now takes minutes to attend instead of days.

Remote work will drive a decrease in travel as virtual events and meetings become more prevalent.

Save on automation and process improvements (AI)

AI! Don’t be afraid, we are not talking about the Terminator running amuck in your company. We’re talking about how Responza and Microsoft 365 can help your organization transform and streamline business processes through workflows, dashboards, AI capabilities, and more.

Through the integration we spoke of before, we can help you:

  • Streamline day to day tasks
  • Easily share and access business data
  • Collaborate on a common platform
  • Improve workforce productivity

Capex to Opex Cash Flow – Save on TOC

Once again, our friends at Forrester’s study on the total economic impact of Microsoft 365 points out something important to your bottom line.

“Organizations also receive total cost of ownership savings by moving their on-premises Microsoft environments to Microsoft 365. Organizations switch to subscription license fees, reducing capex license costs. Organizations can also avoid purchases of on-premises infrastructure”[4]

Any customer previously paying for Microsoft client software and CALs that would no longer be required after licensing Office 365 would receive this benefit. These licenses could include CoreCAL, ECAL, Windows SA, Office SA, Exchange, Skype for Business, and SharePoint.

That might be a lot to take in. What is really means is that if you have servers on premise, you will save money by moving to the cloud and switching to a subscription license model instead of buying your software.

From Cost Benefits to Value Realization with Responza

OK, so you have seen what you can save with Responza and Microsoft 365, but there is more value you will realize with us as a partner.

The first thing we can do is increase visibility and insights into your business to help drive efficiency by providing you with the following:

  • Your Secure Score
  • Your Compliance Score
  • Your Productivity Score
  • Workplace Analytics

Then we can provide management for Cloud management of:

  • Endpoints (Microsoft Endpoint Manager)
  • Desktops (Microsoft Managed Desktop)
  • Meeting Rooms (Microsoft Managed Rooms)
  • Threat Detection (Azure Sentinel)

At Responza, we help you use technology as a means to an end for your business goals. We put the burden of IT management on our shoulder and enable you to concentrate on running your business, not your IT.

With Responza you to save cost on remote work, cut out non-essential business expenses, and discover new methods of secure workforce efficiency.

[1] Forrester Consulting, The Total Economic Impact™ of Microsoft 365 E3, commissioned by Microsoft, June 2019

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*Results from the Microsoft ROI Calculator based on a composite organization from The Total Economic Impact™ of Microsoft 365 E3, commissioned by Microsoft, June 2019

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