Law enforcement officials reported a massive increase in security hacks, viruses, and ransomware attacks in businesses – small or large – over the past year.

Most infections are from email attachments, malicious websites, web advertisements, and infected Word, Excel, and zip files.

Given ransomware’s rapid growth, we’d like to recommend our customers, friends, and family to follow some basic steps to help reduce your risk:

  • Use a browser with ad blocking
  • Don’t open invoices, zip files, PDFs, whatever – from people you don’t do business with
  • Backup your data on-site and off-site every day
  • Test your backups regularly
  • When it doubt, don’t click!

We at Responza urge you to assume that you WILL get infected. The simple fact is that viruses and ransomware attacks are relentless, so it’s just not enough to try to prevent it; you also need contingencies for when you are infected, such as a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery plan.

If you’ve been hacked, attacked, or infected:

  • Immediately disconnect or shutdown the infected computer(s)
  • Call the help desk
  • Restore any available backed up data to trusted machines

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