When PRO Sports Club’s systems engineer left the company, Steve Buxton (IT Director) was forced to look at a more stable and scalable alternative for day to day engineering tasks to keep mission critical applications highly available for the staff and members.  With a $100M medical wing expansion planned for 2018 requiring adherence to HIPAA security standards of data protection and application of current design trends, Steve made the decision to partner with Responza as an IT vendor capable of providing around the clock resources for system monitoring, engineering and project consultation.

As the premier health and fitness club of Western Washington, PRO Sports Club offers a boutique experience to its 42,000 members. Located within proximity to the Microsoft corporate campuses, PRO Sports Club is the preferred health club for Microsoft employees.  With monthly memberships starting around $250, PRO Sports Club pushes member experience to a new level with its offering of concierge services.  Whether you need daycare, spa or an auto salon, PRO Sports Club has you covered.  Moving far beyond a 24-Hour, LA Fitness, or Golds Gym experience, PRO Sports Club offers a premium feel from the moment you are handed a towel and greeted by name.

Responza will be providing an ITIL certified toolset to keep the systems monitored, so potential disruption to hardware or applications down the road is detected and managed before negative impact to PRO Sports end users or member experience.  Working closely with Steve’s existing IT support personnel, the Responza team will design and support the complex technology system required to maintain PRO Sports Club’s position as the preeminent health and fitness club of the region.

With the depth of experience supporting similar sized organizations, the required work, though complex and challenging,  is nothing out of the ordinary for Responza.  We will apply the cutting edge IT methods and practices of larger corporate environments into the PRO Sports Club system so employees and members receive the high quality IT experience they expect and deserve. Contact us today, in Seattle or Charleston, and let us help you figure out what is best for your unique environment.

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