Technology changes rapidly, but at its core, the fundamentals of good IT strategy remain. Not a lot has changed since the early days of IT … except for everything.

Luckily, many of the fundamentals of the early days of IT still apply, just in a different way.

Here are some old-school principles Responza uses to help guide our customer through next-generation IT:

Good information security starts with good physical security

We’ve always kept the hardware locked away, limiting data center access to a small number of employees and keeping automated logs of who enters and when. It’s just that now, not every locked room is our own. For SMBs especially, there are alternatives, ranging from co-lo facilities to full cloud.

Make sure that your cloud provider has the same access controls as you would do for yourself.

Know the threats

Many still think the best countermeasure to a threat is to lock everything down and not let anyone be creative. But businesses live and die on innovation, and innovation means more than new products to sell. It means creative thinking, and the implementation of that thinking, everywhere in the business.

These days we spend more time protecting the assets and even more time actively supporting users, because the biggest threat to an organization is a workforce that isn’t allowed to innovate

Testing software Is not just ‘wait and see what happens’

Regression and stress testing separate the pros from the amateurs. Regression testing makes sure new stuff doesn’t break old stuff. Stress testing makes sure everything will perform well enough when everyone starts banging away at it.

IT, being professional, maintained at least three environments — development, test, and production. That meant buying three of everything and maintaining them.

Now, spinning up a test environment in the cloud often makes more sense because you only have to pay for it while you need it. Depending on your environment it can work quite well for regression testing, too.

IT exists to support the business

IT must help everyone in the business succeed with technology. When computers were new, business executives counted on them to drive change everywhere by making business processes quicker and cheaper while cutting way down on manual errors.

Responza wants to help our customers drive change in their businesses, instead of following along after it. For more information on how we can help drive your business with our team of IT experts, give us a call at (206) 762-5100.

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