Everywhere you look, you see businesses moving to the cloud. Keywords like Office 365, cloud servers, and cost savings have been floating around as well. We at Responza enjoy consulting with our clients on which products and services suit their needs best. One we stand behind is Office 365. It’s cloud capability and ease of use make it a win for every business type. Not sure if migrating to Office 365 is right for you? Check out our top reasons why you should consider it, and soon.

Migrating to Office 365: 5 Reasons Why

  1. It Saves You Money. No matter which way you look at Office 365, you will quickly see that it will save you money. The first savings you will see is that you no longer will need any, or as many, on-site servers. This goes to not only having to buy a server for your business but the maintenance as well. Savings also comes in the form of productivity. On Office 365, your employees have access to everything they need to do work from on the road or at home, all without missing a beat.
  2. It Grows with You. Business owners can shy away from new technology because they assume that it will cost too much if they grow. Office 365 has a predictable cost plan where you pay for what you get. Gone is having to spend enormous amounts of money in the hopes you will grow into it.
  3. All Your Favorite Apps, in One Place. As there are many facets to your business, Office 365 has an app to help you with them. From the basics of their e-mail to keeping your documents safe and shared in One Drive, you will find everything you need in one place.
  4. Ensure Data Loss Prevention in the Cloud. Any day can be made worse when you have a data loss on your hands. We at Responza implore our clients to do regularly scheduled back-ups of their data. When you back-up to the cloud, it takes no time to retrieve your lost items and keep going with your day. Office 365 understands that your data is the backbone of your business and keeps it safe for you.
  5. It is Always Up to Date. In the past, we would hear about updates to technology and wait with bated breath for the release to us users. When you switch to Office 365 and there is an update, you receive it instantly. This ensures that you are working with the best version of their products always.

As a business owner, you want to have the most productivity for the least amount of money. Office 365 can deliver that to you. Thinking of migrating to Office 365 and need help? Contact us at Responza! We have offices in Seattle and Charleston and love helping our neighborhood small to medium business with our managed IT services. From project work to full IT support, we have you covered. Let us know how we can help you.

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