Everywhere you look, you hear about businesses going to the cloud and loving it. You are also aware of many of the reasons why so many have moved to the cloud and not looked back. We at Responza are passionate about helping our clients find the perfect fit for them, whether keeping on-site or in the cloud. However, one overlooked component of the cloud it the fact it is the green choice for business.

Going Green with the Cloud: What Does it Mean?

It may be a bit confusing to say going green with the cloud. The first green that you will see is savings. Less cost on-site in terms of physical servers means more for your bottom line. But, we want to take the time to explain the environmental savings you will see when you move to the cloud.

Many businesses want to be as environmentally friendly as possible and the cloud is a secure way to do so. The most obvious aspect of going green with the cloud is that there is no longer a physical server at your business. When you don’t purchase one, that is one less server to be wasted, recycled, and broken down over time.

You might be wondering, if you don’t have an on-site server, where does your data go? The short answer, is another server off-site. This might be confusing since you are exchanging one server for another but this is where the difference comes in. When you host to a cloud server, the server not only has your secure data but data of many others. In turn, when you can host many on one server, the need for physical servers diminishes.

Going Green with the Cloud: Data Centers Are Going Green

Data Centers too are getting in the habit of choosing more environmentally-friendly options too. This can be done in several ways. The first is the building itself. They are using renewable energy to power the buildings that house these cloud data servers. They can be seen all around the world using energy sources like wind or solar to power most of the operations.

Another way to help cut environmental costs is to choose locations that will help. Data centers have been known to be built into the earth and use the natural coolness of the surrounding areas to keep the machines cooler.

Going Green with the Cloud: How Responza Can Help

Here at Responza, we enjoy getting to know our clients and understanding their needs and unique environments. As each business is different, if there is a way to cut costs and help the environment by going green with the cloud, we can help you find a solution. Contact us, in Seattle or Charleston today and let us show you how we can streamline your IT to keep your business on task and profitable.

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