The impact of a security breach is often worse for SMB organizations since they have fewer resources to help recover after an attack. Many businesses know that it is important to budget for security to protect themselves in these types of situations. Unfortunately, few of us have set aside funds, processes and training for computer system security.

Here are some common cyber threats that your business faces.

Hackers know it’s easier to attack small businesses because we don’t spend enough on comprehensive systems security.

Hackers know that SMB owners under-spend on security – there has been nearly a 70% increase in SMB hacks this past year. Sadly, a study showed that small and medium-size businesses in the U.S. cut their spending on security by 20 percent in 2014.

Cyber criminals don’t care about size

There is no such thing as security through obscurity! No business is too small to target. If your business has the type of data they want, you’re a target. If your business has lots of customer contact information, credit card numbers, health information or valuable intellectual property, you need to periodically review your cyber security technology, processes and procedures.

You’ve probably already left a trail

When starting a business, it’s safe to assume that you signed up for multiple online services, tools, bank accounts, emails and more. That trail of digital bread crumbs can lead the cyber criminals right to your door.

You may be the key to a larger company’s door

Many hackers are less interested in your company’s data, but rather the data of the companies you do business with. If you have contact with bigger companies, the government, or NGOs, you are a target.

Your Internet connection may be prone to easy compromise

Hackers can steal your data when you are not using a secure wi-fi connection. If you are publicly broadcasting your network, anyone can connect and have access to file shares and whatever other local network services you have enabled.

Remote access is high-risk

When your employees are working remotely, be it at home or in a public space … essentially any network that’s not yours, your data is at risk. Control what your employees can access when they are working off-site.

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