First, what is a single source IT support provider? You probably know this but just to clarify, it’s a single qualified managed service provider (MSP) you turn to for all your IT support needs. Because of its importance to your business, this vendor must have top-tier certifications to ensure you operates efficiently. It also must take steps to contain costs and find new ways to save you money. This may sound counterintuitive but the more an MSP saves you money – through increasing your automation and other means – the more profitable they are too. It’s a win, win situation for both you and your MSP.

Benefits of having single sourced IT support partner:

  • Lower pricing due to consolidation of all requirements with one supplier
  • More consistent quality
  • Streamlined communication
  • Easier to manage supplier performance and accountability
  • Easier to track down the source of issues

Now you may ask yourself, does it really matter if an MSP is certified Microsoft Gold Partner? The answer is yes, it matters. A lot.

A Gold Partner undergoes Microsoft Annual competency assessments to verify competencies in both skills and individual product knowledge via exams and performance tests. Our partnership status is reviewed on an annual basis so you can be assured that we are always working to stay ahead of the learning curve and prepared for whatever new technology becomes available.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we have the ability to:

  • Provide Microsoft based IT services and products
  • Provide continuous customer support and be first in line for updates and news
  • Provide smarter training tools and programs
  • Utilize our expanded reach to be able to provide 100 licenses for Microsoft products
  • Provide consultative expertise with best in class Microsoft implementation and deployment
  • Have been recognized as a leader within the partner community

As you can see, with a Microsoft Gold partner as a single source IT support provider is the best of both worlds. Expertise in the software and hardware products you use everyday, plus a partner who is responsible and accountable around the clock.

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