Managing your IT is not just sitting behind a desk remotely monitoring network status and taking support calls. A good MSP conducts periodic onsite inspections to ensure your facilities support your hardware infrastructure.

Case in point, we were there when needed

Recently one of Responza’s support technicians was onsite for routine support and proactive surveys. They discovered that one of the two HVAC units was not outputting cold air. Employees had not noticed this because frankly, a network room/closet is not someplace many employees tend to go. 

This failure was causing the second unit to work twice as hard to keep the room at optimal temperature for the servers. There was no way to know how long the unit had been down. Overwork and failure of the second unit could have led to a hardware/network equipment malfunction or failure with corresponding downtime for the client.

Fortunately, a Responza technician was there and reported to issue to management. HVAC technicians were called in, repairs were made. 

While repairs were being made, we verified that all systems on the network were functioning properly and backed up. Extra monitoring protocols were instituted. We also took the time to review their disaster recovery and business continuity plan to ensure it was up to date and nothing had been overlooked.

In conclusion

Not all businesses are or can be in the cloud, but this is a great example of why it should be part of your IT strategy.

Proactive versus the traditional reactive onsite support is just one aspect of a good MSP. Because of our technician’s attention to detail, the client’s only expense was the repair of their cooling unit. They did not suffer loss of revenue from downtime, loss of productivity or the need to replace any hardware before its time.

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