Let’s talk about a few things…

Technology is moving so fast. We know it’s hard to run your business and keep up with ongoing technological advances. We want to help. We’ve put together these short video “explainers”.  Each one will give you a quick view into an emerging or changing technology that could be effecting your business. Enjoy.

Our phones are a goldmine of private and sensitive information, so a hacked, lost, or stolen phone could spell disaster for your business. Our latest video has more on phone security.

Everyone’s talking about AI chatbots like ChatGPT and Jasper. But you may be scratching your head at the jargon being thrown around. Here’s a great explainer.

Record-breaking cyber attacks are becoming more sophisticated and more frequent. That means you need to keep your business protected to avoid disruption. Get in touch today 1-800-526-9780 or email info@responza.com.

It didn’t take long for crooks to work out how to use AI to improve their scams. Now we know exactly how they’re doing it. And it means you need to be extra cautious with emails.

How much time do you spend checking your network for unwanted visitors? Probably not enough, according to research. Our latest video has all the details.

If you employ very young people, you should be aware how some risky online behaviors have become normalized for them. It’s a security risk to your business.

Productivity tools are supposed to help speed you up. But for many businesses they’re doing the opposite because they’re not being deployed properly. Ask us for help.

Microsoft is planning to enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) directly in its Outlook app for many 365 business users.