Many executives think that if they don’t see problems popping up all the time with their IT network, then systems are running well and there are no issues. They wonder “what are my IT guys doing all day?”.

In reality, actions are being taken behind the scenes to ensure your network is updated, functioning at top speed, and secure from cyber threats.

IT specialists respond to a plethora of issues throughout their day that hopefully, you never have to be aware of, because when you do, it’s usually because something has gone wrong.

Some hidden IT duties:

  • System monitoring and quick response
  • User management
  • Cybersecurity updates and training
  • System updates and backups
  • Business continuity – disaster recovery

When you’re not seeing these issues arise, be thankful, IT is doing a good job. But, if you are aware of daily IT problems, your IT staff may be in trouble.

How do IT professionals handle all this and not interrupt operations?

What does it take to do all this? A lot more than you may realize. IT support staff have to ensure uninterrupted business operations, support users, and perform system halting tasks. How do they do all this without interfering with operations? By arranging many of their tasks around your hours of operation.

The next time you ask “what are my IT guys doing all day”, realize that their day is different than yours. This means late evenings, early mornings, and sometimes “all nighters” for these folks; as well as their normal work hours. If you don’t see them around during lunch time, it’s because they’ve probably pulled another “all-nighter” and are getting a little rest before doing it again. Remember this the next time you wonder why there is a half-eaten box of donuts and empty cans of Mountain Dew in the lunchroom at 6:30 a.m. The IT staff has been working really hard.

This is great right? You have a staff of people dedicated enough to disrupt their home lives and work crazy hours to keep your business functioning. Well yes, but be careful, you need to keep an eye out for IT burn out. Working like they do can lead to tired workers, lowered morale, missed details and errors leading to higher expenses.

You need both IT staff willing to make these sacrifices and be able to be at the top of their game 24/7. For most businesses, maintaining a motivated and up-to-date IT staff can be impossible without spending a lot of money. It takes more than Mountain Dew and donuts.

Can’t I have my cake and eat it too?

Yes actually, you can. You can have an IT staff that is rested and productive, and also making the sacrifices needed for your business to thrive. Responza IT services and support can:

  • Enable your IT staff to focus on more profitable areas of your business by performing routine tasks
  • Enhance their performance by reducing IT staff fatigue
  • Support users 24/7 and reduce your internal IT workload

Responza’s highly trained and motivated team of technology pros can do this at a price you can afford. Call Responza today to find out how we can help. In Charleston call (843) 990-9200, Seattle (206) 762-5100, or click the contact link below.

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