With technology guiding about every aspect of our business, companies run the risk of an overworked IT department. The constant drive to do more with less, cut costs, and pull “all nighters” leave many IT workers burned out and looking to cut corners instead of following proper procedures. Here are some things to look for before the tech hits the fan.

The Risks of an Overworked IT Department

Understaffing doesn’t result in just higher turnover rates in the IT department, it comes with a plethora of problems. It creates gossip. It nurtures distaste towards the company.

Overworking your IT staff doesn’t just raise your attrition rate and increase calls of “slave drivers!”, but it can also cause resentment towards your business management.

There are many warning signs of overworked IT department.

  • Tired workers – Overworked and overwhelmed workers are prone to make more mistakes or miss critical details from not getting enough rest.
  • Lowered morale – Employees with low drive are more likely to search for another job and leave without warning, leaving the remainder of the department to pick up the pieces.
  • Details being missed – Being overwhelmed makes it very easy to miss small details. Over time, repeatedly missing these small details can become big deals.
  • Higher expenses – Employees that hate their job will let the quality of their work slack, costing the company even more time and money.

Statistics of an Overworked IT Department

Consider the statistics from this survey from Indeed:

  • 84% of small businesses find it challenging to find and hire tech talent.
  • 88% believe they would be more innovative if they were able to hire enough tech talent.
  • 71% think the length of time to fill tech roles has increase in the last 3 years.
  • 84% believe the inability to hire enough tech talent has caused lost revenue, slower product development, slower market expansion or increase employee tension and burnout.

As you can see, IT department staffing issues are a major concern in today’s businesses are a major concern in today’s business in your company cant afford to ignore.

Consider Outsourcing to Prevent Your IT Department from Being Understaffed

At Responza our motto is, “Outsourcing isn’t a dirty word”. In fact, we like that phrase so much, we used it to title a white paper. Download our new “Outsourcing Isn’t a Dirty Word” white paper here.

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