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Checklists are good. Responza’s CEO keeps several copies of The Checklist Manifesto around the office just to remind himself of just how good they are. There are plenty of ways to make checklists, but today we’re going to tackle using your trusty word processor to make one.

Here’s your standard bulleted list:


It’s clear, it’s concise, and sure, it works, but there’s really nothing that indicates that you’ve completed a task other than dragging a pen across the page. And that makes you look like a cave dweller.


So let’s spruce it up a bit, shall we?

With the list highlighted, simply open the bullets dropdown in the Paragraph group (under the Home tab of your ribbon), and select Define New Bullet…


In the pop-up, select Symbol…


This will create another pop-up window. In the Font: field, click the dropdown and select Wingdings


Find a pretty checkbox, and hit OK


Unfortunately this only gets the left-most bullets so we’ll have to do the same thing for the indented items.


I even used slightly different boxes to put my checkmarks in. Have a look around the symbols – there are all sorts of hidden goodies in there, from envelopes to mailboxes to eyeballs to custom images.

You print it out for a clean, simple, and easy-to-use checklist. Completed items get a tickmark and you move on to the next task until you’re done.

Wait… “print it out”? What kind of eco-destructive philistine needs to print their checklist? Here’s the real how-to. You can go paperless by tweaking those checkboxes into live digital checkboxes.

In the Developer tab,

There are a few steps that you’ll need to go through in order to do this. There’s something called a Developer tab in Word.


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