Did you know your IT network is your businesses’ best friend? You may not always feel that way because of the complexity and cost, but it’s true. Despite this complexity, it has been good enough for your business needs. You could say it’s “OK IT”. But will it enable you to stay competitive in logistics for the next 5 years?

How fast does technology change?

Fast, fast, fast! Technology changes quickly. Successful businesses must become agile enough to recognize and respond to changes in their markets. Digital services like Convoy, Uber, Thumbtack, Angie’s List and Pro Referral are creeping into the logistics industry to take more and more customers from established companies. Convoy, a digital freight-brokerage company, reached $1 billion in sales this year, connecting 100,000 truckers with over 500 shippers. They are what we call “Disruptors” and they create a “Disrupted Market”.

You should be concerned, but there are things you can do to compete in a disrupted market:

  1. Utilize a CRM so that you can reach and engage with customers
  2. Use mobile driver apps so your processes are integrated and paperless
  3. Make sure your accounting software is up to date
  4. Make sure your social media presence is positive and active
  5. Use automated email tools to increase your reach
  6. Use a ticketing system to handle issues promptly and properly

These are size-able resources to manage and to put it frankly, “OK IT” won’t do the job. Your business requires best of breed IT management and networks to ensure it remains responsive to the changing market.

The Big Question

The Big Question: How much does this cost and what resources will it divert from my core business?

The Answer: You will spend less than you are spending now and actually be able to reallocate resources back to your core business.

We can help!

By partnering with the Responza IT management, you can increase your productivity through greater efficiencies which in turn create higher profit margins.

Responza Managed IT will:

  • Build and manage your infrastructure
  • Make sound recommendations regarding security, software, and the cloud
  • Be proactive and prevent problems before they arise
  • Keep all your business technology functioning at top speed
  • Define your future needs
  • Secure your network from malicious actors

All of this enables you to concentrate on doing what you do best.

Serving your customers!

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