The coronavirus is on the minds of everyone today and the CDC has issued guidelines for avoiding this contagion. As a precaution, many local businesses have instituted work from home protocols to prevent the spread of the virus. 

Responza Information Technology and Consulting has prepared this list of guidelines for working remotely that will help your staff continue to perform their duties through this crisis and ensure business continuity. These recommendations should be applied to remote as well as onsite staff.

Responza guidelines for working remotely and securely

  1. Do not open or click on links within any “corona virus alert” emails. If you need recommendations on prevention and treatment, visit the official CDC website by typing the URL into your browser address bar or conducting a google search.
  2. Use a secure VPN when working remotely.
  3. While working at home, use a company asset such as a company-issued and secured laptop.
  4. Increase your network capacity to accommodate remote staff, this will avoid work slowdowns as usage spikes.
  5. Always be conscious that while working at home, your guard may be down. You are in a different work environment, possibly working different hours.
  6. Do not use public Wi-Fi without being connected to a VPN.
  7. If you are working remotely and suspect you are on an unsecured network contact your IT department or Responza immediately before commencing work.
  8. Take pre-emptive steps to train your staff in secure procedures, Responza can help with this.

Should you feel your network has been breached, have any questions, or need assistance, contact Responza at 1-800-240-7290. Our 24 Hour Help Desk will render advice and can diagnose and resolve any issues that arise.

Like our moms always said, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Stay well.


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