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There has been a recent spate of malware coming from what looks like Dropbox.   

Emails have been circulating that contain a link appearing to point to a Dropbox location that actually uses a address.

We are sending you this notice in hopes of preventing further infection of this zero-day malware email.

If you receive an email similar to the one listed below you should DELETE IT IMMEDIATELY.

Please DO NOT:

  • Respond to the email in any way
  • Click any links
  • Open any attachment
  • Provide any data to any web sites mentioned

This is an example of the malicious message that we have seen:

Subject: <Infected Person> shared you a file

Hi ,

<Infected Person>   shared you a “FILE TO VIEW” on Dropbox.
View file



The Dropbox team

© 2016 Dropbox

Again, if you see an email like the one mentioned above, please delete out the message and clear out the Deleted Items folder of your mailbox.

Are you receiving false Dropbox notifications? Responza can help! Give us a call at 206-762-5100 or send a message to today.


Responza Support Team