You’ve heard of Copilot… but what is it? 

You might have heard about Microsoft Copilot, but what is it? And will it really make a difference to your workday or business? We explain it all here.

SHOCK STAT: A third of business owners don’t trust their staff 

Do you trust your employees with sensitive business data? You might be shocked to learn how many business owners don’t. But why… ? We have the answers.

It’s time to say goodbye to traditional passwords 

Passwords could soon be a thing of the past, thanks to Passkeys. If you hate passwords, our latest tech update will make your day…

Are you using the all-new Teams yet? 

Tired of waiting for Teams to load? Microsoft has heard your frustration and has rebuilt it from the ground up. The all-new Teams is faster and uses less memory; we give you all the details.

Never mind “can’t teach an old dog new tricks”… 

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but what happens when it’s a young pup that needs training? New research on people under 40 has revealed a scary attitude towards cyber security. We tell you more here.

That long password isn’t keeping you better protected 

Even passwords of 15 characters can be cracked by cyber criminals. Our latest tech update explains what to do instead

Get ready for another game-changer from Teams

Microsoft is working hard to lead the AI revolution and its latest update to Teams will certainly make it a front-runner. We think the potential is unlimited, here we’ll tell you why.

Are you ready for Windows 11 to get even better?

Windows 11 has already boosted our productivity and saved us time, but it hasn’t finished improving our working lives just yet. We have all the details.

That phishing site? Gone in 600 seconds

This latest stat we learned about phishing websites really surprised us. And it comes with good news about an enhanced way to protect your business. We give you all the details

Tempted to test new features before everyone else? DON’T BE!

Ever been tempted to download the beta version of your favorite app, ready to test out all the cool new features before everyone else? STOP!! The FBI has some news that might just make you think twice. Cyber criminals have come up with a brand new trick to lure us...


Everyone Wants To Go Phishing

Everyone Wants To Go Phishing

You are very much aware that your company or organization is at risk, every minute of the day, from cyberattacks, malware, ransomware, and even benign errors that can put your data at risk. Even a failed backup procedure could mean a loss of critical company and...

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Be on Guard If You’re Connected to The Internet

Be on Guard If You’re Connected to The Internet

Simple things such as opening an email attachment, following a link in a text message, or making an online purchase can expose you and your network to cybercriminals. To prevent cybercrime and network intrusions you need to always be on guard an aware of potential...

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Strengthen your cybersecurity policies today

Strengthen your cybersecurity policies today

Formulating strong IT policies and laying down the best practices for your staff to follow is one of the best ways to prevent your business from becoming a victim of cybercrime. In this blog, we explore the various ways to strengthen your cybersecurity policies....

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Multi-factor Authentication Demystified

Multi-factor Authentication Demystified

You have probably come across the term multi-factor authentication of late. It is an IT buzzword today and is fast becoming one of the best practices of cybersecurity. So, what is it, exactly? Read this blog to find out. Multi-factor authentication, as fancy as the...

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