IT Managed Service Providers – or IT MSPs – are often recommended as a cost effective IT solution for small businesses. For a minimal monthly fee, IT MSPs provide a reasonably priced solution to the complex technology pains of small businesses. Here’s a look at the various benefits of an IT MSP for IT support can offer your busines.

Freed-Up Resources and a Renewed Emphasis on Core Business

Both business owners and internal IT staff would much rather focus on revenue enhancing tasks like product development or the creation of cutting-edge applications/services. This is one reason routine monitoring and maintenance tasks are often neglected by an internal IT person or team, which always proves to be detrimental much later.

Often mis-portrayed as a “threat” to an internal IT person or staff, IT MSPs can instead:

  • Relieve internal staff of mundane network operations maintenance
  • Perform repetitious monitoring of server and storage infrastructure
  • Perform day-to-day operations and help desk duties

A True Partner Sharing Risks And Responsibilities

The goal of an IT MSP is to deliver on contracted services, measure, report, analyze and optimize IT service operations, and truly become an irreplaceable catalyst for business growth.

Managed Service Providers can:

  • Assume leadership roles
  • Enable risk reduction
  • Enhance efficiency
  • Change the culture by introducing internal IT operations to new technologies and processes

Access to Expertise, Best Practices and World-Class Tools and Technologies

IT MSPs have experience with a variety of businesses and organizations. Managed Service Providers can keep your business relevant and on track with continually evolving technology, support, and productivity demands. Let’s face it, no small or medium sized business can afford to fall behind with technology trends in today’s business world.

The Benefit of a Full-Time Fully Staffed IT Department at a Fraction of the Cost

Most small business owners live and die by proactive management. They just haven’t had the budget, resources or access to on-demand expertise to be proactive with information technology management.

A Managed Service Provider gives business owners and overwhelmed internal IT staff affordable:

  • Computer and server support
  • Remote monitoring of critical network components like servers and firewalls
  • Data backup and disaster recovery, network security, custom software solutions
  • Technology evaluation and planning

Managed Service Providers can decrease the overall IT support costs by as much as 30% to 50%. Rather than being stressed about technology, business owners can instead get back to focusing on growing their business. All while enjoying the benefits of highly-trained IT experts boosting their network’s reliability and performance.

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