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If your IT Management Reports show patching scores lower than normal this month, it isn’t because we’re all out fishin’, or that we are still recovering from the Solstice Parade.  It’s because Microsoft Patch Tuesday – one of our favorite days of the month – happened to fall on June 14th last month.  This is the last day possible in Microsoft’s monthly patching calendar.

The best way to patch Microsoft systems is to wait until someone else has to suffer a bad patch, letting Microsoft fix the “oopsy” and then we are A-OK for patch launch.  This is the model that we’ve found most successful over the past 15 years – let someone else be the lab rat.

In addition to building wait-time into our patching methodology, our Systems team at Responza has a second process – we “white list” the patches before releasing.  We subscribe to two independent testing labs to validate the patches for system software updates so that we don’t “play with” real-time testing of customer IT environments.  That way, any bad patches (called black-listed) are not deployed to your systems, PC, server or cloud.

This two-step process ensures that we don’t cause a systems outage and you don’t reach for the high blood pressure meds because of bad patch management.

Since there are no zero-day emergency patches, our scheduled release will be a few days later than normal.

This ensures your systems will be safe, and secured, with no unplanned outages due to poor patch management.

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