The costs of business downtime is more than you realize.  Whether you are in retail, manufacturing, transportation, healthcare or construction it can have a direct impact on your bottom line. Lost sales and data from unplanned outages can cause a host of avoidable problems! Here is a list of 5 ways downtime costs your business.

1. Lost Productivity

Labor and operating costs need to be paid regardless of network availability.

2. Lost Opportunity

If your internal network goes down, orders can’t be processed.

3. Brand Damage

If frequent outages that make it difficult for you to fulfill orders, you will be regarded as an unreliable vendor.

4. Data Loss

This is the nightmare scenario for all businesses. Stolen, damaged or corrupted files can cause a crippling blow to your business operations. Security is a must.

5. SLA Payouts

If you have Service Level Agreements with your accounts, you may not meet them but may incur penalties which affect your bottom line

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