The default font for Microsoft Word is, no doubt, pleasing to the eyes, but wouldn’t you like to have the option of changing it? Follow this direction set and you can make Word default to your chosen font.

1. Over in the “Styles” section of your “Home” tab, click the icon in the bottom right-hand corner.


2. This will open up the “Styles” box. At the bottom of this box are three icons. Click the “Manage Styles” icon, located third from the left.


3. A “Manage Styles” window should have popped up. Select the “Set Defaults” tab at the top.


4. You can pick which font you would like to use as your default under the “Font:” pull-down—I’ve picked the lovely Times New Roman—and you can adjust the font size under the “Size:” pull-down—I’ve picked 12 because I want my Times New Roman to easily read without glasses.

Note that I’ve selected “Only in this document” at the bottom of this window. This allows me to only apply my new default font to this particular document, but I could just as easily make this my default font for all future documents.

5. Click “OK,” close the “Styles” box, and start typing in your new default font!