Distribution groups let you send messages to any number of recipients, large or small, using only a single name. That’s right, you don’t have to enter each individual email address each time you want to send your team a message. A distribution group is also super easy to manage—you can add and delete recipients at will, so if someone joins or leaves the team, you don’t have to create a whole new list.

Follow the following steps to create a distribution group of your own:
1. Open Outlook and open your Address Book, located in the “Home” tab at the far right.


2. This will bring up your global address list. Click “File” from the top and select “New Entry…” This will bring up another window.


3. Select “New Contact Group” and click “OK.” This will create a new contact group.


4. You can now add members to your distribution group by pressing (you guessed it) “Add Members.” You can choose to add from Outlook Contacts (any recipient from your personal contacts), from Address Book (any recipients in the Global Address List), and New E-mail contact (create a new contact).

For Outlook Contacts and Address Book, another window will open that shows the list of possible contacts I can include in your distribution group.

5. Let’s say that I want to send a message to three of my office buddies. I double click each of their names in order to add them as members of the group and then click “OK.”


6. Now I give the distribution group a title by entering text into the “Name:” field.


7. Click “Save & Close,” and from now on I will be able to send to all three as if they were a single contact:


Pretty easy, huh? Now you don’t have to worry about remembering everybody on your team’s email address. Just don’t forget to update your distribution group whenever personnel changes take place in your organization.