WannaCry Didn’t Make Us Cry

The negative business impact felt worldwide following the WannaCry ransomware attack reminds us of the importance to be vigilant and use best practices to protect our systems. While 300,000 business systems in over 150 countries were affected, none of Responza’s...
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PRO Sports Club Turns to Responza for Management of Fit Technology Systems

When PRO Sports Club’s systems engineer left the company, Steve Buxton (IT Director) was forced to look at a more stable and scalable alternative for day to day engineering tasks to keep mission critical applications highly available for the staff and members.  With a...
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Should You Switch to Mac?

For the last few decades, Mac has become increasingly popular. The biggest game changer for them was when their iPod hit the market in the early 2000’s. Today in the business world, you have a healthy mix of PC and Mac users. Each with their own reasons to use...
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UPS Fraud E-mail: How You Can Protect Yourself

It seems like every few months we all get hit with a new fraud e-mail. This month, the senders are posing as UPS. Here at Responza, we ensure that our clients do not fall victim to these scams. We do this through not only monitoring remotely but also staying on top of...
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Twitter Scams: See How to Spot Them

Twitter can be a wonderful outlet for catching up with the world. You can peek inside the lives of celebrities as easily as it is to connect with your local businesses. However, not everyone on Twitter is looking to relax, some are out there to scam. We at Responza...
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Your Business, Your Tax Deductions, and Your IT

Has your server been chugging along for years without any end in sight? Is your organization overdue for a software refresh? Section 179 of the Federal Tax Code can help. If you’ve been on the fence about investing in new hardware or software for your business, and...
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Microsoft Word: Change your Default Font

The default font for Microsoft Word is, no doubt, pleasing to the eyes, but wouldn’t you like to have the option of changing it? Follow this direction set and you can make Word default to your chosen font. 1. Over in the “Styles” section of your “Home” tab,... read more

Microsoft Outlook: Setting up a Distribution Group

Distribution groups let you send messages to any number of recipients, large or small, using only a single name. That’s right, you don’t have to enter each individual email address each time you want to send your team a message. A distribution group is also super easy... read more